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Remedies on the Rocks: OG Lemonade

Introducing our March Drink of the Month, the second in our new series, Remedies on the Rocks!

Brighten the days leading up to Spring with this canna-cocktail from Coastal Remedies, "The Lemon Maple Fizz!" A Cran-Apple Infused Maple Simple Syrup, with fresh squeezed lemon and our Signature 100mg THC Original Lemonade is sure to make one feel a little more bubbly than before (don't forget to add the fizz)!

This new drink combines the flavors of summer, using our Nano THC Original Lemonade and fresh Lemon; with the fading flavors of winter, infused into our Maple Simple Syrup, and sprinkled with Cinnamon! Get the recipe below.

Start with the Prep:

Slice up half an apple into spears, set aside.

In a small pot or pan, add:

1/2 oz Water

1/2 oz Maine Maple Syrup

1/2 the Apple Spears you set aside

1 Tbsp. Cranberries

1/4 Tsp. Cinnamon

Bring ingredients to a boil, and reduce heat. 

Simmer for 2-3 minutes on low. Stir often.

Remove from heat and strain the fruits from your mixture. 

Set aside the Simple Maple Syrup and let cool.

Get your glass ready!

Start by adding a small handful of ice to the glass.

Next add:

1 fl oz Infused Simple Syrup

2 fl oz’s Nano OG Lemonade 100mg THC

1/2 fl oz Lemon Juice

3 fl oz’s Seltzer

1 tbsp. Cranberries

The Final Touches...

Garnish with a slice of lemon, or apple... or both!

Give it a quick stir... and enjoy your remedy, on the rocks!

Made with Drinks from the kitchen

at Coastal Remedies @CoastalRemediesMaine

Drink Recipes by a  ‘Splash of Rachel’  @SaltyArtCreations

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