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Remedies on the Rocks: Blueberry Punch

Updated: Jul 1

Introducing the Red, White and Bliss! Inspired by the Fourth of July, this drink brings the colors of our flag to the party and blends them into a tasty canna-cocktail!

This Drink is made with Our Blueberry Punch, which comes in a 16 Fluid Oz bottle and is 500mg THC. The Blueberry flavors blend with the Coconut Water, and muddle together with the slow thawing frozen strawberries creating a delicious summer sipper! The Red White and Bliss Recipe creates a 93.75mg THC Drink, and packs a decent fruity infused Punch, for a sweet and refreshing drink.

The Prep:

Take 1-2 strawberries and make very thin slices. Take a glass cup and rinse under sink using room temp water. Take the Strawberry Slices and press against the glass, forming a circle around the top of the glass, as seen below. Place in the freezer immediately.

If you already have frozen strawberries, skip this step. If you do not, take your fresh strawberries and remove the green tops and slice in half. Place the chopped strawberries in a small freezer bag.

Leave both your prepped glass and your chopped strawberries in the freezer overnight if possible, if not for at least 30 minutes. The result should come out looking like the glass below.

The Drink Recipe:

Take out the prepared glass and frozen strawberries.

*If you want a sugar rim: Take a fresh strawberry and rub around the outside rim at top of glass. On a small plate, pour out some sugar and roll rim of glass covering the outside top rim as seen below.

Fill glass with frozen strawberries.

Fill the rest of glass with ice.

Take out Coconut Water and measure out 3 fl oz, add to glass.

Take out Blueberry Punch and measure out 3 fl oz, add to glass.

Drink by the Kitchen at Coastal Remedies

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